Long before the rise of the Elven Kingdoms along the Western Coast of Faerun, Empires of Giants and Dragons raged against one another.  Like faults which lie deep within the earth, these mighty empires ground against each other for years, centuries without evidence of change until suddenly and violently shifting in upheavals and wars.

Eventually, the rivalries between the Giant Empires and the Dragon Empires led to the end of their Age and the downfall of their realms. Other, mortal peoples, the Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, Humans and Halflings rose to dominate the lands of Faerun.  And the Empires of Titans faded into legend and myth.

Yet, now there is a stirring among the Giants and Dragons.  A change is coming, ancient ambitions long forgotten and slumbering are now remembered deep in the hearts of every dragon, every giant.  Rousing them to look at the lands they ruled so long ago, and rekindling their terrible conflict.

Would any kingdom, Could any city stand long, if the Storm King and the Dragon Queen renew their ages-old Wars?

The Storm King and Dragon Queen's War

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